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Encouraging Census Completion (Posted May 7, 2021)

Census of Population Surveys began being distributed to Canadians on May 3, 2021 and residents are encouraged to complete the census when it is received.

The Census is one of the most important sources of statistics for our Country. Census information is vital for planning programs and services at the national, provincial, territorial and local levels. Data are used by organizations, businesses, municipalities, governments and indigenous communities across Canada.

The Census counts every person in Canada and collects basic information about age, sex at birth, gender, official languages and family relationships. The long-form questionnaire gathers further details about income, education, religion, ethnic origins, Indigenous identy and languages, and more. The Census is one of the only national sources of data for people living in indigenous communities and provides key information about all Indigenous people living across Canada.

How do census data help my community?

Knowing how many people live in a geographic area and having basic information about them helps organizations and communities plan, develop and expand programs, services and infrastructure.

Census data help determine whether your community is

  •  Growing: Plan new roads, transit, water infrastructure and emergency services
  •  Young: Predict where new schools or daycare spaces are needed
  •  Aging: Estimate the need for health services and programs for seniors
  •  Multicultural: Create or expand language programs

Your efforts to help us promote the benefits of the census will increase the reach of key messages communicated through a variety of channels, including television, radio, print, social media and the Internet.

By partnering with us, you will increase the participation of your community in the 2021 Census.

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