July 1, 2021 - Message from Suzanne D' Eon, Mayor

July 1, 2021

While Canada Day is typically a day we celebrate, this July 1st, I and all Canadians should take time to reflect. To reflect on both where our country has come from and where we want it to go.  Recently, we've all been exposed to horrific news, facts that challenge who we thought we were as Canadians. Although difficult to acknowledge - acknowledge it we must - minimize it we must not.

History is always a teacher, we need to become better students. Make time to read, learn, discuss and contemplate our collective past and reflect on what kind of country you want Canada to be.

It is time for us to fundamentally reorient our relationship with our Indigenous neighbors and let them guide us to a new way forward, a way forward that is based on true partnership and equity. Chief Cadmus Delorme from the Crowessess First Nation, asks us to read the Truth and Reconciliation "Calls to Action".  He asks us to bring the Calls to Action into our personal life, our social life and our business life.  It is a place to start.

Deep River stands with the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) in celebrating the diversity of this land and acknowledging a complex history, better understood through Truth and Reconciliation and the lived experiences of all communities.


Sue D'Eon, 

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada:  Calls to Action