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Open Air Burning Criteria

Open air burning is NOT permitted in close proximity of buildings in the Town of Deep River unless approved in writing by the Fire Chief under the auspices of the Ontario Fire Code.

The Ontario Fire Code regulates open air burning and states: (1) Open-air burning shall not be permitted unless approved (by the Fire Chief), or unless such burning consists of a small, confined fire, supervised at all times, and used to cook food on a grill or a barbecue.

Requests to have an open air fire (including campfires) in the Town of Deep River must be forwarded to the Fire Chief in writing for consideration. Out of respect for our neighbours, those with breathing problems or allergies to smoke and airborne particles, the environment and fire prevention generally - open air burning requests are rarely approved.

The following conditions are normally required prior to being approved at the discretion of the Fire Chief under the auspices of the Ontario Fire Code:

The open air fire must:

  • be small (no larger than 1m3),
  • must be 75M (~250 ft.) from any building or fence/structure
  • be supervised at all times by a minimum of one responsible person 18 years or older
  • consist of only “clean” wood. No painted or treated wood or plastics or materials other than clean wood may be burnt.
  • be able to be extinguished completely at anytime so that it is cooled to approximately 25 degrees C (i.e. have a garden hose available)
  • be completely extinguished prior to leaving it unsupervised
  • not be lit on foggy or rainy days
  • not be lit where/when the smoke will bother neighbours or hamper driving visibility

If approval is given to conduct open air burning under (1) of the Fire Code, the homeowner/responsible person(s) must contact the Deep River Fire Department via telephone (613.584.2000 ext 120) prior to setting the fire and after completely extinguishing the fire to approximately 25 degrees C.

  • If any complaints are received by the Deep River Fire Department due to smoke/smell from an open air fire, the fire shall be extinguished immediately.

The use of “chimineas” and factory-built or homemade outdoor fireplaces or fire pits which burn solid fuel (i.e. wood) are considered to be open air burning and are not permitted under (1) of the Ontario Fire Code unless approved by the Fire Chief. As an option, approved appliances such as propane or natural gas-fired outdoor units can be used providing the manufacturer's and Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) installation requirements are strictly followed.

If an open air fire spreads out of control or is hurting someone

Call 9-1-1