Deep River Police Services Board

The Deep River Police Service Board consists of a member appointed by Ontario's Lieutenant Governor, a member of the Town Council, and a community member chosen by the Council. 

Police services boards oversee how policing is provided in their local community. They contribute to their community’s safety and well-being by working with local citizens and organizations to make sure their community receives the appropriate policing it needs. The Board is responsible for: 

  • determining objectives and priorities for police services
  • establishing policies for the effective management of the police force
  • appointing members of the police force
  • preparing a business plan at least once every three years
  • recruiting and appointing the chief of police and any deputy chief
  • monitoring the performance of the chief of police
  • participating in collective bargaining and working agreement processes as the employer

Annual Reports

Annual Report - 2023

Community Survey: Updating the Police Service Board's Strategic Plan

The Deep River Police Services Board is reviewing and updating its four-year strategic and business plan. The strategic plan outlines the police service’s core functions, primary objectives and priorities and describes how the police...

Police Service Board meetings

In 2024, Regular Meetings of the Board will occur every third Monday, of January, April, September, and December at 4:00 pm at the Town Hall: January 15, 2024 April 29, 2024, 4:00pm at the Town Hall (small meeting room) (Agenda Package...