Deep River Police Services Board

The Deep River Police Service Board consists of a member appointed by Ontario's Lieutenant Governor, a member of the Town Council, and a community member chosen by the Council. 

Police services boards oversee how policing is provided in their local community. They contribute to their community’s safety and well-being by working with local citizens and organizations to make sure their community receives the appropriate policing it needs. The Board is responsible for: 

  • determining objectives and priorities for police services
  • establishing policies for the effective management of the police force
  • appointing members of the police force
  • preparing a business plan at least once every three years
  • recruiting and appointing the chief of police and any deputy chief
  • monitoring the performance of the chief of police
  • participating in collective bargaining and working agreement processes as the employer

Police Service Board meeting - Special Meeting December 13, 2022

Next Meeting Date:  A Special Meeting of the Police Service Board will be held at 4:00 pm on Tuesday, December 13th, 2022. Draft agenda for this meeting: Draft agenda for Special meeting December 13,...