Planning & Development

Town of Deep River Fees

Official Plan Amendment $1000.00
Zoning By-law Amendment $1000.00
Minor Variance Application $400.00
Severance Application $600.00

Site Plan Application $500.00
Site Plan Amendment $250.00
Development Agreement $1000.00
Subdivision Appication $500.00
Subdivision Agreement $2,500.00
Subdivision Agreement Amendment $1000.00
Lifting of Part Lot Control $300.00
Professional Fees & Serices - Full Cost Recovery

All Planning matters must first go through a Pre-Consultation process. Pre-consultation is not pre-approval of an application. Please fill out a General Inquiry Form below and submit to the Town of Deep River Planning Department (2nd floor at the Town Hall) Once received, staff will submit to Planners at the County of Renfrew for review. Please note, pre-consultation is not pre-approval of an application. The County of Renfrew will respond to this inquiry with a  Planning Checklist which will identify the policies that would be considered in the review of a formal application. The County of Renfrew will endeavour to respond to this inquiry within 3 to 4 weeks. The response will be delayed if the information required on this form is not fully completed.


Official Plan

The purpose of the Official Plan is to guide the physical development of the Town of Deep River by articulating policies and land use designations that describe and promote the desired future form of the Town.

The Official Plan is the Town's policy document. All planning activities should be consistent with Official Plan policies. In Deep River, the Official Plan attempts to create a planning framework "that will foster growth, development and diversification while ensuring that the unique character of the Town is maintained.

Comprehensive Zoning By-law

Planning staff administer the Town's Comprehensive Zoning By-law, 24-96 as amended. The Zoning By-law is the document that implements Official Plan policies. The Zoning By-law must be considered when undertaking virtually any new construction project and many renovation projects. Town staff will work with the proponents to help interpret the by-law and work through any issues that may result.

Proponents may also wish to consult the Zoning By-law when purchasing property or establishing a new business. Again, Town staff will be available to help interpret the by-law and deal with any resulting issues.

Site Plan Control

The Planning Act of Ontario grants municipalities the authority to review and approve site plans for certain types of development in accordance with established municipal requirements. Site Plan Control Review, an integral component of the municipal planning and development review process, focuses on the technical issues of site design rather than land use. In Deep River, commercial, industrial institutional and medium and high density housing projects are subject to site plan control. Planning staff administer the site plan control by-law are available for pre-consultation with applicants. Applications for site plan approval should be submitted to planning staff.

Site Plan Control Application Form

Minor Variance

The Committee of Adjustment is appointed by Council to deal with minor problems in meeting municipal zoning by-law provisions. Minor Variances provide flexibility so that developments which do not precisely meet the requirements of a Zoning By-law may still proceed. Obtaining a minor variance involves an application to the Committee of Adjustment by submission of an application and appropriate fee, followed by a public hearing, full consideration of the proposal, and a decision rendered. Once the 20 day appeal period has expired, the committee's decision is binding. A minor variance does not change the existing by-law, but rather provides relief from specific requirements of the by-law to suit special circumstances, for a site-specific property.

There are four key tests that the Committee considers when evaluating applications:

  1. The variance should be minor
  2. It should be desirable for the appropriate development or use of the land, building or structure.
  3. It should maintain the general intent of the Zoning By-law.
  4. It should maintain the general intent and purpose of the Official Plan.


The County of Renfrew reviews and deals with all Consent/Severance applications for the Town of Deep River. Consent/Severance means the authorized separation of a piece of land to form two new adjoining properties, when a registered plan of subdivision is not considered necessary for the proper and orderly development of a municipality. In addition to the division of land, rights-of-way, easements and any change to your existing property boundaries also require land severance approval. Planning staff at the County of Renfrew are available to review the Official Plan policies and Zoning By-law provisions which will affect applications for variance or consents. You can reach the County of Renfrew Planning Department at 613 735-3204.