Submitting a Planning Application

Town of Deep River Fees

Official Plan Amendment $1000.00
Zoning Bylaw Amendment $1000.00
Minor Variance Application $400.00
Severance Application $600.00

Site Plan Application $500.00
Site Plan Amendment $250.00
Development Agreement $1000.00
Subdivision Application $500.00
Subdivision Agreement $2,500.00
Subdivision Agreement Amendment $1000.00
Lifting of Part Lot Control $300.00
Professional Fees & Services - Full Cost Recovery

All Planning matters must first go through a Pre-Consultation process. Pre-consultation is not pre-approval of an application. Please fill out a General Inquiry Form below and submit to the Town of Deep River Planning Department (2nd floor at the Town Hall) Once received, staff will submit to Planners at the County of Renfrew for review. Please note, pre-consultation is not pre-approval of an application. The County of Renfrew will respond to this inquiry with a Planning Checklist which will identify the policies that would be considered in the review of a formal application. The County of Renfrew will endeavour to respond to this inquiry within 3 to 4 weeks. The response will be delayed if the information required on this form is not fully completed.

General Inquiry Form

County of Renfrew Revised Tariff of Fees By-law 2019 

County of Renfrew Forms  

Official Plan - January 2018

Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw 20-2020, as Amended - May 2020

Map - Schedule A to Zoning Bylaw 20-2020