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Welcome to the Deep River Police section of our Municipal website. For current events and further information about the Deep River Police Service and police related activities you can follow us on our Facebook page titled Deep River Police.

We want to welcome you to our community and to our Police Service. We take pride in our core values and work very hard to achieve our motto which is “Serving our Community”. We strive to provide a police service that is uniquely integrated with the finest traditions of community policing and have a well mobilized community that work with our officers on a daily basis to keep our community and roadways safe and secure. Thank you for visiting our website and Facebook site of the Deep River Police Service.

Criminal Record Checks

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Deep River Police Service - 2020 Annual Report

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COVID-19 - Message From The Chief of Police

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all aspects of our lives and how we do business.

We at the Deep River Police Service are focused on how to best protect, serve and support our members and the members of our community.

I want to personally assure you that continuity of service will remain fully operational. To prevent the spread and potential exposure we have instigated new protocols relating to how we do business. Walk-in traffic at the Police Station will remain restricted to a case-by-case basis.

We encourage those that need to speak to police, do so by phone, and those requiring personal interaction with police, call to request at our non-emergency number (613-584-3500). In emergent situations, standard use of 911 still applies. At this time, criminal record checks are still reserved for essential workers only.

These measures are intended to protect the health and well-being of members of our police service and the community. Should you have any question about COVID-19, please contact the Renfrew County Health Department. By adhering to present measures, we can all reduce the potential of spreading this virus. On behalf of the Deep River Police Service, please know that our thoughts are with all those affected.

Thank you,
Dean Duchrow - Chief of Police


The Deep River Police Service offers a number of services to the citizens of Deep River:

  1. Vacant House Checks - When leaving for a weekend or longer, your insurance usually requires that someone be left to check on your residence. Simply drop by the station or call 613 584-3500 or 613 584-2000 Ext. 118 and leave the following information: your name, the address to be checked, when you will be away and expected date of return, the name of any key holder or person checking on your residence and any special details such as lights on timer etc.
  2. Criminal Record Checks - Many employers are requiring new employees to provide documentation reporting on their criminal record status. The same can be said of organizations utilizing volunteers. In response to this need, the Deep River Police Service completes and provides written documentation for employees and volunteers requiring this service. There is a $40.00 fee for employment purpose record checks. Volunteer record checks are free where the volunteer work is being done in the Town of Deep River. Note: Please see the additional information provided in the link below regarding criminal record checks.
  3. Fingerprinting - A number of activities such as immigration, pardons, and adoptions require the submission of a person's fingerprints. The Deep River Police Service provides this service for a fee of $58.00.
  4. FOI Requests - The Deep River Police Service is subject to the Freedom and Information Act. Requests under the FOI are to be submitted to the Service in writing along with a $5.00 fee. Subject to the request requirements, there is a schedule of costs for items such as time and photocopying. A list of these costs can be obtained by contacting Ms. Michelle Russell at our office.
  5. Record Copies - A request for a report record or letter can be made in person or in writing.. There is a $18.00 fee for a general record report. Copies of motor vehicle accident reports are $48.00.

Crossing Guard Employment Opportunity

Crossing Guard Employment Opportunity Crossing Guard Application Form

2020 Annual Report - Deep River Police Service

Deep River Police Service - 2020 Annual Report

Criminal Record Checks

DEEP RIVER POLICE SERVICE - Criminal Record Checks The Deep River Police Service is now resuming Criminal Record Checks, Vulnerable Sector Searches and Fingerprints for Employment, School and Volunteering. Following the COVID-19...