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The Town of Deep RiverProud Home of AECL

Strategic Plan


Deep River is an attractive and prosperous community, driven by extraordinary volunteers, supported by exceptional municipal services.


1. Actively open and transparent communications between the Community and government, at all times and in both directions.

2. As leaders, value everyone in our community equally, listening to all, and acting for the majority, effectively then efficiently, favouring none above another in the intended outcomes.

3. Plan for, and invest in, the future so that the next generation can build upon our successes.

4. Do no un-remedied harm to the physical environment.

5. Embrace change prudently, but without fear.

6. Encourage newcomers since they diversify and strengthen our Community


To achieve balanced and sustainable socioeconomic prosperity!

Strategic Priorities

1. Ensure that infrastructure is up to date

2. Investment in Economic Development

3. Leaders in environmental improvements

4. Capitalize on Community groups (with sub-elements)