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Fence Regulations

Building permits are required for fences. 

Deep River Zoning By-law 4.0 – Residential Zone Provisions

59 November 20, 1996 *(By-law 27-2011)* **

4.4.3 Fences in front yards

In any Residential zone neither a fence nor wall her than a retaining wall shall be permitted in the front yard of any lot other than a lot that has a direct access over the front lot line to Highway 17.

4.4.4 Fence height

*(By-law 19-99)*

*a) Except as otherwise provided in this section, the top of any fence in a side or rear yard in any Residential zone shall not be more than 2.0 m. above the grade at the fence.

b) Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, where the rear of a lot abuts Highway 17 in a Residential zone, the top of any portion of fence which is in the rear yard and is parallel with the rear lot line may be up to 3.0 m. above the grade at the fence.*  

November 20, 1996 

Determining the Minimum Interior Side Yard Required by Section 4.4.3

The building envelope decreases in width between the height 4.0 m and the permitted maximum height. No part of any detached or semi-detached dwelling, except for permitted encroachments, shall be closer to the vertical projection of the side lot line, at any height, than is shown by the shaded area.

Source: file:///C:/Users/stomlinson/Downloads/Zoning%20Bylaw%20-%20Deep%20River%2024-96%20CONSOLIDATED%20(1).pdf page 63-64

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