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Phase 2 of Vaccinations Plan (Posted Mar. 5, 2021)

Vaccination Distribution Plan – Phase II

The Province has announced that Phase Two of Ontario’s vaccination distribution plan will begin next month. Phase Two will focus on age and risk to prevent further death, hospitalization, and transmission. Populations eligible for Phase Two vaccination will be: older adults, between 60-75-79 years of age; individuals with specific health conditions and some primary caregivers; people who live and work in congregate care settings and some primary caregivers; people who live in hot spots with high rates of death, hospitalizations, and transmission; and certain workers who cannot work from home. These groups are expected to be vaccinated from April to July 2021.

Beginning March 15th, the Province will be launching an online booking system and a provincial customer service desk to answer questions and support appointment bookings at mass immunization clinics. In addition to mass vaccination clinics, hospitals, and mobile clinics, the Province is also working with the pharmacy sector and primary care professionals to offer vaccinations in new settings. This phase is expected to vaccinate up to nine million Ontarians.

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