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Notice to Residents: Discoloured Water

Notice to residents of Deep River:

Some residents may have been experiencing an issue with discoloured water coming from their taps recently. The Town of Deep River and the Ontario Clean Water Agency (“OCWA” – operator of the town’s drinking water system) would like to assure residents that this discolouration is NOT a health and safety concern. The municipal water distribution system is tested regularly by OCWA and complies with provincial drinking water standards set out by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.

Recognizing that this discolouration may cause unease for residents, the Town and OCWA are working together to find a solution, including making adjustments to the chemicals used in the water treatment process.

Water discolouration can usually be cleared by letting your cold water taps run.  If you continue to experience issues with discoloured water, please contact OCWA at 613-584-3141.  

Thank you.

Town of Deep River

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Director of Public Works
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Administrative Assistant
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