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The Town of Deep RiverProud Home of AECL

Deep River Arena

The Deep River Arena hosts programs such as ice and ball hockey, figure and family skating, and in-line skating. It contains banquet hall with a kitchen and is available for public rental for dances, banquets and meetings. In the summer months the slab is a great place to hold large events such as concerts and commercial events.

2 Club House Rd, Deep River, ON K0J 1P0
Phone # 613 584-2000 ext 131

Public Ice Bookings Available at the Deep River Arena

Public ice bookings can be made through the Recreation Website.

613.584.2000 Ext. 103

ICE RENTALS - (includes HST)

Please note that the rates have changed (effective March 11, 2020 ) 

Based on 50 min

Based 60 min

Adult Prime


Adult Prime


Adult Non Prime


Adult Non Prime


Minor Hockey/Skate Club


Minor Hockey/Skate Club


School or Day time use


School or Day time use


Summer Slab

Summer Slab


Full Slab (day rental)   $700.00

Mezzanine Rental

1-7 hours (per hour)

$40.00/per hour

All Day/Evening rental


Minor Sports/flat rate


Hall Damage Deposit



Recreational skating is available during the winter months on a weekly schedule. Pre registration is required for the Public Skate at this time. 

  • Please read the Public Skating Covid Protocols for important info regarding public skating.
  • A maximum of 25 participants will be permitted.
  • Spectators are discouraged. 
  • Pre-registration is required through Bookking. Under Recreation Program (sport) or call the Recreation Department for assistance (613) 584-2000 ext 103
  • Registration for each skate will open one week prior and close at 11:30 am the day of the skate.
  • Doors will be open from 1:30 to 1:55 pm ONLY.  Enter through the main doors 
  • Check-in upon arrival at each skate is required.
  • Parent and Tot Skate - Wednesday  mornings 11:10 am to 12:00 pm  starting October 21, 2020,  - Cost $5.00 for parent, tots are free.
  • Senior Skate - Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings 10:00 am to 11:00 am starting October 19th, 2020- Cost $5.00 per skate or purchase a membership. Fees are the same as below.
  • Public Skate - Saturdays and Sundays from 1:55 pm - 2:45 pm  beginning October 17th, 2020.

Public Skate Fees - $5.00/Adult, $4.00/Child, $12.00/Family 

Memberships have been pro-rated for the season due to shortened season (COVID)

Single Membership *$54.58 and Family Membership *$83.69. *HST included.