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Ten Thousand Villages, a Mennonite project, provides vital, fair income to people in more than 35 counties in Africa, Asia, Latin and South America and the Middle East. We will have many new items at our sale this year, including an expanded food line. This is a great opportunity to purchase unique gifts, including textiles, crafts, pottery, jewellery, Christmas decorations, toys, books and fair trade coffee, tea, chocolate, spices and other food items. Come out and support this event at the CE Center, Deep River Community Church.  Where possible the crafts use natural or recycled materials. In many cases they represent local cultural traditions and help preserve ancient artisanal skills.

Ninety percent of the profits go back to the Ten Thousand Villages to support their craft cooperatives of artisan groups in developing countries. The remaining ten percent (after expenses) is kept here to support our missions.

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