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Town of Deep River Launches Online Document Center To Support Open Access to Information

The Town of Deep River is now using iCompass Technologies to electronically publish meeting agendas, minutes and an Open Document Center. The new platform enables residents to:

  • Subscribe to meetings using E-updates
  • Review Meeting agendas and minutes
  • View upcoming Meetings and review the interactive calendar
  • Search documents, review reports and by-laws, and more

The Town’s complete set of by-laws, as well as recent agendas, minutes and public documents will be available for full text search at

While the Town has been using paperless technology to support meetings since February of 2012, this new platform will dramatically improve meeting efficiency and provide an open source data point for the public.

About iCompass Technologies

iCompass Technologies is a leading innovator providing web-based paperless agenda and records management platforms for local government. Founded in 1999, iCompass has offices in Seattle, Washington and Kamloops, British Columbia. iCompass is passionate about providing every local government the technology to become more efficient, transparent and open. Utilizing some of the latest customer engagement approaches, iCompass facilitates an unprecedented level of multi-faceted communication with its users to guide product and community improvements.

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