Fire Burn Permits

Recreational Burn Permits

  • Available at the Deep River Town Hall

Conditions for a Recreation Burn Permit


  • No material other than commercially produced charcoal, briquettes or clean, dry seasoned wood may be burned.
  • Recreational fire pits shall be no larger than 30 inches by 30 inches in size by 24 inches in height.
  • The outdoor fire pit/fire appliance/fire bowl be placed on a non-combustible surface (i.e. patio stones, sand, cement) with the surface extending 1 foot (12 inches) beyond the perimeter of the fire pit.
  • The dimension of the fuel being burnt shall not be greater than the size of the container or pit at all times.
  • A Recreational Fire Pit shall be confined to a location that provides for a minimum distance of 10 feet from adjacent properties.
  • Recreational Fires shall be confined to an area that is a minimum of 15 feet in all directions (horizontal, vertical) from any combustible structure, combustible vegetation, or accumulation of combustible materials (i.e. overhead tree branches, hydro wires).
  • An effective method of extinguishing the fire shall be at the site of the burning and be immediately available for use (i.e. source of water).
  • Recreational Fires shall be attended, controlled and supervised at all times by a Responsible Person and shall be completely extinguished before the fire site is vacated.
  • The smoke or other emissions from the fire shall not travel to a neighbouring property to such an extent or degree that, in the opinion of a Municipal By-Law Enforcement Officer, it may cause discomfort to persons, loss of enjoyment or normal use of the property, interference with normal conduction of business, or damage to property.
  • The smoke or other emissions from the Fire shall not travel across any public roadway to the extent or degree that, in the opinion of a Municipal Law Enforcement Officer, it may cause a public safety hazard to any person travelling on the roadway.