Parking Requirements - Zoning By-Law



No person shall, in any Residential Zone, use any lot for the parking or storage of any recreational vehicle except in accordance with the following prov1s10ns:

(a) No recreational vehicle may be stored on any lot that does not contain at least one (1) dwelling unit.

(b) The owner or occupant of any lot, building or structure, in any Residential Zone containing a dwelling may store or park on the lot. not more than one recreational vehicle of any type (except a snowmobile or ORV) and not more than two snowmobiles or ORVs. of which he/she is the owner.

(c) The recreational vehicle shall be stored within a private garage or carport or located within the rear yard or interior side yard provided that such recreational vehicle is located no closer than 1.0 metre to the rear lot line or interior side lot line, nor within any front yard, nor on a corner lot, closer to any street than the main wall of the main building.

(d) Notwithstanding the above, there shall be no limitations imposed which will restrict the number of such recreational vehicles that arc fully enclosed within a garage provided that such recreational vehicles are owned by the occupant of such lot or dwelling.

The full Zoning By-law can be viewed by using the following link: Zoning By-law 20-2020