Improved Internet Service in Deep River

Press Release 2019 June 1

Joint release by the Town of Deep River and WCCT


A big step towards greatly improved internet service in Deep River

The Town of Deep River and Weesoe Community Communication Technologies (WCCT) are pleased to announce that they have signed a unique and historic agreement to enable residents of the Town of Deep River to access greatly improved Internet service. “This agreement is in the Town’s strategic interest and responds directly to a top priority raised during last fall’s, election” said Councillor Bob McLaren.

Many areas of the town receive service that is very low speed compared to services available in larger centers in the province. The Town has agreed to loan WCCT up to $500,000 to be used to expand and improve internet services through upgrade and expansion of the current WCCT wireless tower infrastructure and the addition of fiber connectivity between towers.

The Town and WCCT have been cooperating for the past two years, including making use   of the water tower and town lands (such as the tower at Hill Park). WCCT is a registered not-for-profit corporation created by local volunteers (led by Ross Judd and Chris Knight) in the fall of 2016 with the goal of improving internet in the area, saving residents money on their internet and phone services, and providing any operating surplus to the Deep River and District Hospital.   (More information on WCCT is available at their website at

The plans, facilitated through this agreement, will see expansion into previously underserved areas.  When the work is complete, WCCT will deliver: 25/5 (25 mbps download and 5 Mbps upload) and other services (telephone and video streaming capabilities) to at least 80% of the residents of Deep River. WCCT also will have the ability to provide custom services attractive to businesses (e.g. 50mpbs/50mpbs) as well as back-up power and redundant connectivity. The enhancements are expected to begin this summer and be complete by June 2021.

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