Compliance Audit Committee

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2022 – 2026 Compliance Audit Committee

The Municipal Elections Act, 1996 requires all municipalities establish a Compliance Audit Committee before October 1 in an election year. The Compliance Audit Committee is responsible for considering compliance audit requests related to election campaign finances, including:

  • Receiving and reviewing the report of the Clerk on any apparent over-contributions by contributors to candidates and third-party advertisers campaigns
  • Reviewing applications for eligible electors and deciding on whether to grant or reject a compliance audit
  • Receiving and considering any Auditors compliance audit reports

If an eligible elector in the Town of Deep River believes on reasonable grounds that a Council Candidate or Registered Third Party advertiser has contravened the Municipal Elections Act with respect to municipal campaign finances, the elector may apply to have an audit of the Candidate’s campaign finances. Council Candidates include all Candidates who ran for the office of Mayor, Reeve, or Councillor.

Compliance audit requests related to School Board Trustee Candidates are the responsibility of the Compliance Audit Committees appointed by each School Board.

Auditing Process

The Clerk will receive all applications and has 10 days to send the application to the Compliance Audit Committee.

The Committee is required to meet within 30 days of receiving the application from the Clerk and determine if an audit is required or if the application is rejected.

The decision of the Committee respecting the granting or rejecting of an audit may be appealed to the Superior Court of Justice within 15 days of the Committee making a decision.

If the Committee grants an audit, an Auditor licensed under the Public Accounting Act, 2004 will be appointed to conduct an audit. The Auditor is responsible for conducting an audit to determine if the Candidate has complied with the requirements of the Municipal Elections Act with regard to election campaign finances.

The Auditor will submit a report to the Clerk of the Town of Deep River, the Candidate, and the applicant.

The Clerk has 10 days to forward the report to the Compliance Audit Committee.

The Committee has 30 days to meet and consider the report from the Auditor. The Committee will decide whether to commence legal proceedings against the Candidate.

School Board Candidates

The Compliance Audit Committee does not receive applications to audit School Board Trustee campaigns. For more information about compliance audits of School Board Trustee Candidates, please contact The School Board directly.