2022 Short Term Road & Sidewalk Plan

2022 Short Term Road and Sidewalk Plan 

Why is this project work happening? 

The Town of Deep River contains approximately 36 kilometers of road, which includes two County roads (Ridge Road and Deep River Road) and 6 kilometers of sidewalk.  Each year the Town allocates funding to both the capital and operating budgets to complete various methods, described below, of preservation, maintenance, rehabilitation and reconstruction projects. 

The Short-Term Road and Sidewalk Plan identifies infrastructure projects for 2022.  The determined sections of roads and sidewalks are based on the condition assessment that was completed in 2021 with appropriate identified treatment options as well as alignment with other necessary linear infrastructure projects.  The selection of road and sidewalk projects is not simply fixing the worst segments first but also focusing on maintaining good segments through preservation, maintenance and minor rehabilitation methods and coordinating linear infrastructure replacement in a cost-effective manner.  

The condition assessment utilizes a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) and a Sidewalk Condition Index (SCI), which are a numerical rating of the pavement and sidewalk condition based on the type and severity of distresses observed on the surface.  The PCI or SCI value of the pavement and sidewalk condition is represented by a numerical index between 0 and 100, where 0 is the worst possible condition and 100 is the best possible condition.  The Town’s average PCI (excluding County roads) is 61 and the average SCI is 56.

What is the expected outcome off this project? 

Using the PCI the expected outcome of this project is to improve the Town's roads and sidewalks  through repair, regular maitenace and replacment. 

How is this project funded? 

This project are funded through Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund (OCIF) grant. 

Approved in the 2022 Capital & Operating budget. 

The operating budget contains $40,000.00 for the rehabilitation of sidewalks funded through OCIF.  Through the 2022 paving request for quote (RFQ) staff have secured GOA Paving for all asphalt sidewalk rehabilitation. 

Sidewalk Plan 

Glendale Avenue:

Rehabilitation of asphalt sidewalk along Glendale Ave from Troyes Street to Algonquin Street (Approx. 107 meters).  A section of this sidewalk was removed during a watermain break in January 2022. 

Deep River Road:

Rehabilitation of asphalt sidewalk along Deep River Road from Hillcrest Avenue to Parkdale Avenue (Approx. 62 meters).

Ridge Road:

Rehabilitation of sidewalk along Ridge Road from Frontenac Crescent to Highway 17 (Approx. 165 meters).

Community Center:

Rehabilitation of sidewalk from Community Center to Mackenzie Community School (Approx. 183 meters).

Kennedy Place:

Rehabilitation of portion of sidewalk from Highland Crescent to Kennedy Place (Approx. 50 meters).  This sidewalk was converted from an asphalt sidewalk to a crusher dust sidewalk in 2021.  The scope of this project is to pave approximately 50 meters from Kennedy Place up towards Highland Crescent. 

Road Plan 

LaSalle Drive:

A section of the 2022 I&I desktop study completed by CIMA+ focused on the required capacity for the Deep River & District Hospital Long-Term Care Development.  It was concluded that there is a limiting segment along LaSalle Drive that needs to be addressed.  The limiting segment of the collection system is from Banting Drive to Beach Avenue along LaSalle Drive, which is currently an 8-inch sewer main and would have a projected capacity of 96.7% with the installation of the proposed LTC. 

Clubhouse Road: (Completed July 2022)

Minor rehabilitation treatment (mill and pave) of approximately 80 meters – entrance to Arena, Golf Course and Lawn Bowling Club.

Brockhouse Way

Staff are currently working with a paving company to determine the project scope and extent of surface treatment to align with the OCIF allocation.  Preliminary discussions identify the possibility of minor rehabilitation through mill and pave of approximately 100 meters of Brockhouse Way (Entrance of Cockcroft Residence to Entrance of Mackenzie Community School).   Staff will continue to explore the feasibility of this project and provide updates to Council. 

Preservation and Maintenance 

The 2022 operating budget contains $15,000 for preservation and maintenance (crack sealing) and $196,304 for minor rehabilitation both funded through OCIF. 

Crack Sealing:

This preservation method will only be applied to streets within the ‘good’ to ‘excellent’ PCI range.  The preliminary list for 2022 consists of the following:

 Beach Ave to Cedar Road

 McElligott Drive

 Champlain Street

 Greenwood Road

 Highland Crescent

 Sheridan Court

 Parkdale Avenue