Brockhouse Way

Brockhouse Way Project 

Why are we doing this project? 

In 2021, Jp2G Consultants Inc. completed the full design for Brockhouse Way Reconstruction, from the entrance of Cockcroft Residence to the intersection of Laurier Avenue and Alder Crescent.  This project was proposed within the 2022 Capital Budget to be completed in 2023, conditional on grant funding opportunities, with a cost estimate of $2,400,000.00. 

The proposed 2022 Brockhouse Way Project, which is a section of the full Brockhouse Way Reconstruction, was identified within the recently adopted 2022 Short-Term Road and Sidewalk Plan.  The scope of the project described in the Plan originally consisted of “rehabilitation through mill and pave of approximately 100 meters of Brockhouse Way (Entrance of Cockcroft Residence to Entrance of Mackenzie Community School)”.  Staff working with two local contractors, GOA Paving and JWK Contracting, have been able to expand the original scope to include rehabilitation through mill and pave of 350 meters of Brockhouse Way.  The scope of the project now includes civil work to replace four culvert outlets along Brockhouse Way, which will extend the project from the entrance of Cockcroft Residence to the Town water access/boat launch

The recently adopted Asset Management Plan states that “the Transportation assets are in an average Fair condition, with 72% of assets (by CRV) in better than Fair condition. Note, however, that the remaining 27% in poor and very poor condition includes some high criticality collector roads and sidewalks. These will require the most immediate attention, and will be targets for specific interventions to improve condition, and therefore service delivery”.  The proposed Brockhouse Way Project falls into this category as it is in poor condition and is a high criticality collector road and therefore requires immediate attention. 

What is the expected outcome for this project? 

This project will complete a section of the designed Brockhouse Way Reconstruction Project (2023) while significantly improving drainage, widening and rehabilitating a high tourism and high traffic road.

Will there be public engagment and communication? 

A road closure notice was posted on the website, social media and in the NRT. The notice was also sent to all Emergencies Services. 

Signage is in place on site for the closure and detour signs are posted. 

How does this project relate to the Strategic Plan? 

The  Brockhouse Way Project aligns with the Strategic Area of Focus of “Quality, Reliable & Sustainable Infrastructure” by widening and rehabilitating 350 meters of a high tourism and high criticality collector road.

How was this project funded? 

The Brockhouse Way Project will be funded completely by the 2022 Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund (OCIF) allocation as described in the 2022 Short-Term Road and Sidewalk Plan. The total 2022 OCIF allocation was $290,304.00 which is divided within the 2022 operating budget into three main categories; roads (paved and unpaved), sidewalks and storm system. 

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