CIP: Downtown Streetscape and Waterfront Enhancement Strategy

Community Improvement Plan: Phase 1: Downtown Streetscape and Waterfront Enhancement Strategy

The Town's Official Plan and 2019 to 2022 Strategy recognize the need to revitalize the public infrastructure and amenities to create more vibrant, attractive, and sustainable commercial and tourism spaces. In particular, the plan identifies the downtown core and waterfront areas as Community Improvement Areas.

What's next? We need your feedback! 

Extensive public engagement is required to explore the community's needs, preferences, and input and is a significant component of this project.

Preliminary input was gathered through a community survey and interviews with local business owners and community groups. The team would like to thank our community for their thoughtful and detailed responses. 

The project team used the survey results as a primary input into the design principles to develop the streetscape and urban landscape concepts. The next stage of community engagement is was a 2- part evening series to review the first draft streetscape and urban landscape concepts. 

An Open House for Community Consultation took place on Wednesday, September 28th, at the Deep River Town Hall from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Then again Thursday, September 29th, there was a Workshop session from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, once again at Town Hall. The Workshop allowed residents to provide more in-depth feedback on the conceptual designs through facilitated discussions. 

For those of you who were unable to attend we have provided a PDF "Early Conceptual Design Panels" that can be found on the right hand side of this page. We strongly encourage all residents, business owners, property owners and all relevent parties and stakeholders to view the early conceptual design panels that were presented at the Open-House and Workshop. 

Please feel free to provide feedback by completeting the survey below! 


Why is this project happening? 

In 2021, Council approved a Community Improvement Plan for the downtown area to:

  • Improve the visual and functional aspects of the downtown area
  • Promote the safety of pedestrians and cyclists within the downtown area
  • Promote a favourable climate to encourage private investment for the revitalization, re-development, and improvement of the downtown area.

Developing a Streetscape Strategy is a high-priority first step in implementing the CIP. The Streetscaping Strategy would outline a vision for the streets within the downtown core area and act as a guide for future public infrastructure development (for example, road and sidewalk improvements). The streetscape would also support the other components of the Community Improvement Plan that encourage and support private investment in façade improvements.

The Official Plan also outlines the intention for the Keys Properties "to become a commercial/residential focal point for new development that focuses on the waterfront and at the same time supports the uses and activities of the Town Centre."

The development of a conceptual urban and landscape design (the Waterfront Enhancement Strategy) will help guide the policy development, improvements, potential land uses, and amenities for the larger waterfront and marina area.

The Town of Deep River has engaged an architectural and landscape design team from Fotenn Planning + Design to help develop a cohesive and integrated streetscape and urban landscape design for these key areas. Extensive public engagement is required to explore the community's needs, preferences, and input, which is a large component of this project.

What are the expected outcomes of this project? 

The primary purpose of this project is to develop a cohesive and holistic vision for the downtown and waterfront areas. This vision would be expressed through a streetscape strategy, urban design concepts, and renderings of key areas and components. A detailed description of supporting policies will allow the Town to create the regulatory framework to support and encourage the implementation of the vision.

The streetscape for the downtown core will include potential designs for:

  • Street layout, including parking
  • Intersection and traffic control layouts
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Wayfinding signage
  • Street furniture and public art
  • Landscape improvements

Note that the larger CIP project will introduce a financial incentive program local business owners, property owners and tenants to encourage façade improvements.

The waterfront urban and landscape design will include proposals for:

  • Improved connections from the downtown area to the waterfront
  • Expansion of the existing marina and docks
  • Land-use and proposals for the Keys properties and Adams house
  • Enhanced public space opportunities

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