Water and Wastewater Facilities Operation and Maintenance Services


Water and Wastewater Facilities Operation and Maintenance Services

The Town of Deep River is issuing a Request for Proposal  inviting proposals for services from qualified firms  to operate, maintain and manage its Water and Wastewater facilities and their related assets under a Water and Wastewater Services Agreement contract for an initial five (5) year term with an option for up to an additional five (5) year term at the sole discretion of the Town and subject to acceptance by the successful Proponent. The initial term will run from January 1, 2024, to December 31, 2028. The initial transitional period will be initiated on November 1, 2023.

Please use the link below to access the full RFP document: 

2023-RFP-001 Water and Wastewater Facilities Operation and Maintenance Services

Link to merx RFP posting: 

Water And Wastewater Facilities Operation And Maintenance Services - 2023-RFP-001 | MERX

ADDENDUM # 1 has been issued to answer a portion of questions that have been submitted. All other qustions will be answered in ADDENDUM # 3 to be posted after the questions period has ended in February 24th, 2022. 

Addendum #1

Q19 Attachment 

Q20 Attachment 

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Q22 Attachments: (Emailed Micorsoft Word Copies to all Proponents) 

Part A: Cover Sheet - Technical Submission 

Part B:  Cover Sheet - Pricing Submission 

Pricing Tables 

Section A5 Signed Declaration - Technical Submission 

Section B4 Signed Declaration - Pricing Submission  

ADDENDUM # 2 - Closing Date Extension 

ADDENDUM # 3 - Questions & answers  

ADDENDUM # 4 - Closing Date Extension 

Click on the video below to watch the RFP Public Opening: